Dr. Sherie Viencek, D.C. CBNS

Dr. V Outdoors tiltedDr. Sherie Viencek, D.C. CBNS 
has been a part of the integrative health field for over 30 years studying nutrition, diets, botanicals, acupressure, homeopathy, and many forms of manual therapies. She is a Doctor of Chiropractor, a Certified Board Nutritional Specialist (CBNS) with the American College of Nutrition, and a Certified First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator. She is a member of The American College of Nutrition and The Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Viencek has lectured on various aspects of women’s health for over 20 years to public and private groups, corporations, and hospitals. She has appeared on radio, and as a contributing author to the book Whose Body is it Anyway.

Dr. V has been in private practice for over 25 years and has owned two successful Chiropractic and Clinical Nutritional consultation practices in California and New York.

Her approach is Comprehensive and Integrative in nature with meticulous attention to all the information: personal, familial, past and present. Individualized treatment plans are created with flexibility to address each individual’s needs and schedule.

“After lung cancer surgery three years ago, I chose to take the holistic approach (rather than chemo) to clear out any stray cancer cells. Dr. Viencek’s extensive knowledge of cancer and supplements played a major role in that process, which resulted in no cancer cells since the surgery.”

She is also a lifelong advocate of things food. She strongly believes in food as a foundation for health and has been involved with growing, cooking, and teaching about food and its relationship to health. She has been involved in biodynamic and organic farming, five elemental food planning, macrobiotics, traditional cooking methods, and mindful eating as a way to create a more sustainable planet. As an exchange student to England she studied at the East-West Center of North London, where she leaned cooking techniques and specific diets for people with chronic illness. The healing power of the body and its innate biological transformational power has intrigued and motivated her to share this information with her clients.

“Two years ago, I found my bone density had decreased to the point I was a bordering on osteoporosis. I received three medical opinions: (1) Fosomax, (2) supplement with a good diet, (3) Dr. Viencek was the only one to suggest we do further testing, which resulted in finding out the calcium was not going into the bones and suggesting the proper supplements to correct the situation.”

Dr. Viencek has a heartfelt connection to children’s health especially the GUT=BRAIN  CONNECTION! After having a baby that almost died from un-diagnosed E-coli infection and then went on to develop food sensitivities, leaky gut, and attention issues, Dr. Viencek became keenly aware of the complexities in treating our children and balancing allopathic and integrative care. She is a strong advocate for teaching healthy eating habits in children and for developing their awareness to food and its impact on their vitality.

“I have the highest respect for Dr. Viencek and feel we are fortunate to have her in our community.” ~ Suzanne Loveland 5/6/2014

“When I first saw Dr. Viencek, I was in recovery from advanced stage of anorexia. I was, however, still amenorrheic (i.e. I was not having any menstrual cycles). The amenorrhea had taken a subtle, yet heavy roll on my body–most notably in contributing to a diagnosis of advanced osteopenia. Of equal significance, it had dashed my hope of one day having a child.

Dr. Viencek understood my issues immediately, including my desire to have children. She carefully and thoroughly treated me using various natural (i.e. non-synthetic) supplements that supported my endocrine system and my overall health. My menstrual cycle did return and then we worked to regulate it.

From the very beginning, I was so impressed with Dr. Viencek’s approach with me that was founded on sound scientific knowledge and complemented by a striking intuition of what was going on in my body. She offered me what is essentially non-existent in today’s mainstream medical community: a highly individualized treatment plan that book into account my unique situation and that was as wholistic and noninvasive as possible.

The end result? Not only did I become pregnant, I went on to have a very healthy pregnancy and have a natural childbirth! My son was born a robust 8 lbs 1 oz. Today sixteen months after his birth, my menstrual cycle has returned and is finally regular after many years of irregular or nonexistent cycles. I often wonder where I would be now had I not had the extreme good fortune to be one of Dr. Viencek’s patients. Thank you Dr. V.!!!!”  ~ Stephanie shitzal@umich.edu (lives in Finland now)

“I was 48 years old at the time. Every day was a struggle to get going. I was tired. I couldn’t remember what it was like to get a good night sleep and feel refreshed. Every meal I ate  made me feel bloated and uncomfortable. My face and eyes were puffy. I looked like I felt–run down. I still had to go to work and care for my family. You just go through the motions and do the best you can.

My husband and I attended a Young Living seminar on stress. That was the day I met Dr. Sherie Viencek. That day I was given hope. I and an appointment to see Dr. Sherie soon after that seminar. She ordered blood work and tested my saliva. The supplements she gave me made a tremendous difference in my energy. The day the test results came back changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s an autoimmune disease. I had  never hear of Hashimoto’s Disease before that day. I wanted to learn everything I could about Hashimoto’s. Most of my symptoms were text book. Dr. Viencek explained that I need to make changes in how I eat for the rest of my life. No more Gluten.  Up to that point pretty much everything was eating contained Gluten. After one week of no gluten in my diet I felt like someone “flipped a switch.” I wasn’t bloated after meals. I was sleeping better. I had more energy.

My children have and similar symptoms as I had and some I didn’t. They have been tested for Hashimoto’s Disease. I am grateful they didn’t have to wait until they were in their 40’s to know what to do to be healthy.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sherie Viencek for helping me to have a happier, healthier life.”  ~ Jackie Burke