While You’re Waiting for a Vaccine:


  • Ph to alkalize: take Tri alkali power at night (pure encapsulations)
  • Download a food PH graph and eat on the more alkaline side of the chart.
  • Cytokine storm resolution SPM active (Metagenics) or SPM Supreme (Designs for health)
  • Glutathione: my all-time favorite is Trizomal Glutathione (Apex)
  • Brain support: Neuro flam & (apex) polyphenols that cross the blood bran and Brain DHA (apex)
  • NT Factors (allergy research) Phosphatidyl serine plus others that help the hippocampus and cell membranes
  • NAC & ADKE Evail (Designs for health)
  • Powered Glutathione for nebulizing (reduced glutathione power) Cardiovascular research
  • Wei lab COVID herbal protocols / contact Colton  612 8089235 – ask for  patient discount!
  • Breathing  Exercises: Wim Hoff (you tube)
  • Strengthening the vagal response: book by Stanley Rosenberg, “Accessing the healing power of the  Vagus Nerve”
  • Medication: Ivermectin this is a Rx – can get at local pharmacies or a compounding pharmacy (Hopkinton Drug)
  • Mold Plates  Immunolytics  505 -2170339  Plates are $3 each / Analysis by the lab $33
  • Mycotoxin urine test – Great plain lab – need to contact me for the test
  • Stool tests  Gi Map (Diagnostic Solutions)  Gi effects stool test (Genova)

* all supplements above can be purchased on Fullscripts: