Many of my patients and friends are purchasing supplements online and I thought it is important to highlight some facts: Certain distributors use third party vendors such as Amazon.

Therefore there are no guarantees regarding:

  1. Where the supplements are stored (garage vs warehouse).
  2. What are the conditions of storage? (Climate controlled warehouse vs. high temps, humidity, sunlight).
  3. How long the products have been in storage?
  4. How products are transported to first party shippers.

NATURAL PARTNERS has its own climate controlled storage facility, they do not use third party vendors and ship directly through UPS which assures the quality of the products you order. They are a very reputable company and I have made ordering from them available to all patients, family and friends. When you set up an account you will automatically receive a 20-25% discount on over 200 of their lines of Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbs, and Skin Care Products.

To set up an account:

GO to code word- vital– (all lower case) create a username and password and you are good to go. Promo for their new web site includes free shipping, afterwards it will be a flat rate of $1.99.

I hope this helps create a reliable source for supplement shopping!
Best in health- Dr. V

*Metagenics and Standard Process are not included for distribution through Natural Partners* Online is available for Metagenics: go to For Standard Process go to and use Code 3DMHSZ