Women’s Hormonal Transitions



Dr. Viencek specializes in Comprehensive Nutritional Consultations and lifestyle coaching for Women’s Health and Hormonal Transitions from adolescence to post menopause. Read more

“Dr. V believes that every phase of life presents with is own health concerns and what worked at 30 does not necessarily work at 40 or 50.” Many women are perplexed when symptoms arise but they feel nothing has changed in their daily routine. The truth is we are ever changing beings and something has shifted somewhere in the body. Helping women figure that out and return to a place of equanimity with in their bodies is what Dr. V is passionate about.

During these hormonal transitions many women feel overwhelmed, overtired, over spent, over everything! Women are constantly sacrificing one beloved aspect of their life for another – ie. child bearing, motherhood, care taking you name we do it… You name we got it… lack of energy, hot flashes, brain fog, insomnia, weight gain and loss of sexual drive…  Dr. V will guide you through those phases of change and make recommendations based on your unique health history, biochemistry and present life situation. You deserve better than that! Be pro-active, invest in yourself, and reclaim your vital life.

“My own hormonal imbalance came at age 34 when I began premature menopause and through hard-earned experience educated myself on all the contributing factors to my endocrine imbalance and began a pro-active approach based on integrative medicine and reversed that condition.”

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