The first visit with Dr. Viencek will cover a complete Personal & Family History, address present health and lifestyle concerns, as well as diet and nutritional needs. Appointments are available in person or via telephone.

In person visits may include Muscle Testing and a Bio Impedance Testing as screening tools, so please drink at least four glasses of water before your first visit. On the first visit, Dr. Viencek will synthesize all of the information presented and develop a program that may combine dietary advice, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, botanicals, and lifestyle education. Lab work may be ordered after this first visit. Follow up visits are determined based on the complexity of health conditions and designed to review and adjust your program.

What To Bring:

  • Copies of any Laboratory results (if available)
  • Food Diary 3 days
  • All Supplements and Medications

The following forms may be completed and saved to your desktop:

** feel free to list your health history in a chronological fashion on a separate sheet in addition to the intake form if you choose

Attach and email completed forms to:

Online Consultation Fees:

Initial Comprehensive Consult:        90 minutes              $150.00

Detailed Comprehensive Consult:    60 minutes              $120.00

Follow Up Visits:                                30 minutes              $ 60.00

Brief Follow up:                                 15 minutes               $ 30.00

Lifestyle Educations Consultations: For Families or Small Groups

Do you want to take an inventory of the family or group as a dynamic in regards to food choices, better eating habits, preparing food, lifestyle choices or changing old habits?  Please contact me in person to discuss the details of this type of consultation.

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